EV Charging Solutions Without The Hassle

Add charging infrastructure without the need to wire new circuits with a Polevolt retrofit.

Charging Where You Need It

Utilizing existing infrastructure Polevolt helps bring charging points to your neighborhood.

Charge electric vehicles without the need to dig trenches or wire new circuts

Help make your neighborhood more sustainable and green by reducing the need for gas powered vehicles.

Learn More About The Project

Project Origin
Started in UNCC’s EPIC labratory, with funding from grants dedicated to EPIC, Polevolt is currently working with large energy utilites to begin pilot studies
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Historic West End - Green District
Transport is the second largest CO2 emitting sector in the United States. Working with the community we aim to bring infrastructure to reduce emissions and clean the air through the electrification of transport.
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Microsoft's Collaboration with the Team
Working with the Microsoft Azure team, polevolt has been able to develop a unique IoT based solution
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Grow With Confidence

Keep tabs on your network of chargers with the operator tools suite

Comprehensive web portal that allows you to manage and monitor fleets of chargers from a single location.

Powerful analytics from the whole network down to a single session

Stay ontop of energy usage and time spent at charging stations with inegrated metrics

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